What is Expertoptions?

Expertoptions is a professional assets management company with emphasis on wealth management and crypto currency.We are a group of qualified and trained financer’s with technical knowledge in trading crypto and forex. Our farm are often for visit at scheduled interval otherwise has a highly restricted access to non-staff. Fund deposited into Expertoptions are only used to facilitate trading through your account. Expertoptions don’t operate on fractional reserves.

How do I earn money here?

Expertoptions provides individual and business or high class experience to earn a minimum of 5% on weekly passive income or otherwise decide to compound profit for improved returns. The more money you invest the more return you make. The profit is generated from hard work in trading Crypto and Forex. Expertoptions also makes use of brokerage option and accumulate profit made from trading to pay payout investors.

After I invest what next?

After making a deposit, your account will be activated and returns will be created to your account after each success trades.

How much money can I make?

The rate of income highly depends on amount invested and profit durations You can earn from 5% up depending on the amount invested and your profit duration. View the trading pack on the home page.

How do I withdraw my earning?

Every investment pack has it’s profit duration, profit are been sent on demand when due or you can choose to move to higher pack for more returns .

What happens to my seed deposit?

Any investor who wish to withdraw the seed money must have gotten to at least pack 3


No withdrawal commission/charge on your profits..

Who is eligible to invest?

Everyone of legal age to make financial decision.

How do I fund my account?

Payment can be made through bitcoin, Ethereum and bitcoin cash. Contact us if you use to use otherwise

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum that you can deposit is $300.

Where can I make deposit?*

Only make deposit via your dashboard or an address provided on the trading pack you wish to invest in.


Your paycheck is available for withdrawal after it must have completed profit duration. click on the withdraw button money or coin is sent automatically to the address provided during registration. Please not it might take 5 to 20 minutes depending on the blockchain network

Basic requirements

For a user to invest in Expertoptions, He/She must possess a working Email, Phone and Bitcoin Address. Must be 18 years and above. All users are advised to make payment immediately after registration to keep account active and start earning.

How many investment plan can I invest

Expertoptions provides you with six different trading packages which are: pack 1 up to pack 6. Check investment plan for more details

How long will my investment last before cash out?

All users investment will start growing from the day of investment of which it will be due for withdrawal depending on the profit duration chosen

How do I re-invest?

You can choose to re-invest on the same pack or higher pack if the seed deposit is up to the required minimum.

Referral commission

3%-10% referral commission on the initial deposit.