Oil & Gas(O&G)

Stock Minimum Profits Duration Action
Diamond shipping group inc.(DSD)
Diamond Shipping Group Inc. (DSG) is a shipping company legally incorporated in the Marshall Islands in 2007 with headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut, United States . The company owns and operates medium-range (MR) tanker vessels engaged in the internal Contract duration 12months
$15000 25% Per Cycle 90 Days Trade
Clean energy fuels Corp.(CEF)
Clean Energy Fuels Corp.founded in 1997,Clean Energy Fuels is a producer of renewable natural gas. That means they create natural gas from decomposing organic waste, rather than extracting it from underground deposits. Clean Energy Fuels is headquartered 10months contract duration
$25000 27% Per Cycle 90 Days Trade
Double hall tankers inc.(DHT)
Double hall Tankers inc. (DHT)founded in 2005 headquartered in Bermuda DHT was formed and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2005.DHT Holdings, Inc. is an independent crude oil tanker company. The Company’s fleet trades internationally and consists of 27 crude oil tankers in the very large crude carrier (VLCC) segment. The Company has all functions in-house and operates through integrated management companies in Monaco, Singapore and Oslo, Norway. Svein Moxnes Harfjeld and Trygve Preben Munthe Are Co-Chief Executive Of the company, the company boasts of a market capitalization of $USD975.3million dollars. 12months contract duration
$20000 40% Per Cycle 180 Days Trade
Helix energy solutions inc(HES)
Helix Energy Solutions Inc., known as Cal Dive International prior to 2006,it is an American oil and gas services company headquartered in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 1980, the company is a global provider of offshore services in well intervention. 10months contract duration
$40000 35% Per Cycle 90 Days Trade
QEP Resources inc.(WEPR)
QEP Resources Inc QEP Resources, Inc. operates as an independent natural gas, oil exploration, and production company. The Company has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado United States. 10months contract duration
$50000 38% Per Cycle 90 Days Trade